Trend Alert! Disembodied Man Arms Sexiest Accessory for Spring

Kate Moss` 5 arms vs Bambi Northwood-Blythe`s 1 arm.

It is officially not enough to dress in a provocative manner, unless you have some dude`s arm(s) hanging off of you. You can pair the graceful man arm covering your bits with jeans and tighty-whities like this June/July Australian Harper`s Bazaar cover. Or, for a more sophisticated look, perhaps I can interest you in 5 male arms pulling apart your shirt, like in May`s French Vogue.

But let`s face it, this “dude arms” thing is totally not new. In fact, it might be another effect of the current 90s influence sweeping the fashion world. You know what I`m talking about:

Only dude arms could make reverse fit jeans and a chain wallet sexy. Get into it?