The Time I Dressed Up As A Late Night Comedy Character Was Pretty Rad And Other Thoughts About Fashio

No, this wasn`t some weird attempt to recreate some Japanese designer`s avant-garde vision. Rather it was Halloween and I was dressed like Garth Algar from Saturday Night Live`s beloved Wayne`s World. SPECIFICALLY, though, I was dressed as Garth from the time that Madonna stopped by the show and she played truth or dare with the guys and for a bit Garth transformed into a member of her entourage complete with black unitard and sexy suggestive dancing (which I`ve recreated above).

(The Halloween before I also also dressed as Garth — classic flannel and jeans Garth — and the owner of a trendy downtown store asked me if I was Tavi. I don`t know if he thought I was Tavi in costume or simply dressed AS her, but in any case it was odd. In spite of this, I still think I looked pretty rad.)

And it is in this same spirit that I`ll be writing about fashion stuffs. From couture to pop-culture and beyond, nothing will be sacred and (almost) everything will be celebrated.

My favorite thing about fashion is its ephemeral quality. Wearing the Prada it-shoes of 2009 or even the perfect H&M trenchcoat from the summer of 2006 tells me so much more about a person than wearing the trendiest thing right now could. I appreciate above all experimentation with things that inspire you, regardless of whether they are part of the latest must-have list. Getting dressed should be fun and not a bummer!

To that extent, I want you to feel free to tell me about all the things that you are currently into. Want to try something new but aren`t sure how to go about it? Drop me an email! Have a green dress in your closet you haven`t been able to figure out how to wear in real life? Send me a picture! Don`t understand what the big fuss with Karl Lagerfeld is anyways? Ask away! Let`s demistify everything. Because knowledge is power. Or something. Are you game? I hope so. I`m laia@janepratt.com.

(party time! excellent!)