The Newest IT Model Is Not New At All (And That`s A Great Thing)

It must be a sign that times are a-changing` that the current model gracing the covers of all the influential fashion magazines is not a wide-eyed pre-pubescent Eastern European girl but rather a kickass 40-something woman with waist-long white hair. Kristen McMenamy`s career has been going strong for almost 20 years. In the 90s she was the postergirl for grunge`s fashion takeover; with her cropped black hair and androgynous vibes she stood out amongst all the other glossy supermodels. Even with her slick bowlcut and no eyebrows, there was still something very regal about her.

I was totally obsessed with her back then. I think in a way I saw my own oddness reflected in hers and thought if things worked out so well for her, eventually they would work out for me, too. I guess in a way they did! If so much about fashion is supposed to be aspirational, I want to see women that I can actually emulate in the magazines and not little girls that I feel I have to take under my wing and show them their way around the world. Which is why I am so stoked that McMenamy`s making such an amazing comeback.