Stuff You Actually Need: A Trenchcoat

Wearing a (borrowed) Burberry trench over my own Gap one.

You should probably have a trenchcoat in your closet. They are the unsung heroes of the outerwear world, and make your life easier on rainy days. You should love anything that makes your life easier. I admit that sometimes I forget I actually own a trenchcoat and go outside on a rainy day complaining about how I`m getting wet until I remember I have an easy solution for this problem waiting for me at home. I`m sorry. So I took it upon myself to find the coolest trenches because it`s been raining here for days and I`m thinking about maybe upgrading mine? It`s a little printed number I got at Gap back in 2004 as part of some 25th anniversary celebration reissues. I still love it, but there`s so many cute ones out there that I think maybe I should give myself some options. Maybe if I have a new one I won`t forget that I own one? Nah, that will only be solved by properly putting my clothes away in places other than piles on the floor. And that`s never going to happen.

Oversized Epaulette Trench $54.40, ASOS

I love the masculine feel of this trench. The epaulettes give it an oversized feel without it hanging awkwardly off your body. I don`t like tying anything around my waist generally, so I like that there`s no belt involved. The dark rust color means I can wear it a bunch of times without worrying about it getting visibly dirty.

Classic Trench $101.56, ASOS

The classic trench style is a classic for a reason. It makes you look magically put together, which is an asset in any situation. This one comes in the camel color as well, but I think a fun color brings a happier vibe to already gloomy rainy days.

Midi Trench $129.26, ASOS

The longer and fuller skirt in this one gives it a bit of a retro vibe and feminine charm. Tying a belt in a knot rather than belting it through the buckle properly always looks so much cooler! It was an accident that all the coats ended up being from ASOS, but man, they really have the best ones. Which one`s your favorite?