Seven Inspiring For Your Floor Design

Seven Inspiring For Your Floor Design

Floor of the house is one of the important aspects in the design of interior, right. The floor design ideas reflect the concept and quality of your life. And the design of floor is not casually. The design idea for your floor must depend entirely upon your personal taste and also the room interiorsSo no doubt that decorating a home can be assessed from how we chose and arrangement the style of floor. Well, for those of you who want to see a new floor but did not want to bother disassembly, outsmart installing carpet is no less unique. Here are seven inspiring floor that you can emulate.

1. Parquet Floor. Characteristic of parquet flooring is brown color which can give the impression of a warm and cozy. Not only that, using this type of floor will make the room look clean and spacious.

2. Monochrome Floor. The tile floors blend of black and white is perfect for your bathroom. Black and white is the easiest color to combined with another color.

3. Zig Zag Floor. Zig Zag Floor is popular patterned floor. Select zig zag lines were a bit wide so that the room seem wider and comprehensive. Also, choose the older color of the your furnishings in the room. For example, if the kitchen cabinet light green color, choose dark green color to the floor.

4. Ceramic Victorian. The simply interior for your bathroom will be an excellent fit with additional detail of ceramic from victoria era. Ceramic texture that is not too slippery and rough is very safe for the bathroom floor, without giving the excessive impression.

5. Wood Recycling. Recycled wood has its own beauty in creating a memorable experience of nature and cool rooms without having solely filled with a brown color. Polish soft wood with a bit of color to avoid the monotony impression . combination of faded brown color from recycled wood and the colors would be suitable for your new floor.

6. Graphic Floor. Floor with neutral color stripped graphic design will be very suitable to be placed in the room that has the most colorful furnishings. so your floor may seem simple but still elegant.

7. Electric Floor. The floor with electric colors like blue, red, or even shocking pink can help turn your vintage decor for your room. Without the need to add a motif or pattern, it will looks simply but colorfull.

Have you ever noticed that walking into a brightly colored room can lift your spirits? In the same way, flooring design elements like styles, colors, textures and finishes influence the way a room feels. Vast rooms can be made to feel cozier with warm, matte tone floors. Add sophistication with a dark wood floor.

Use light colors to make a room feel more airy. Home design and home improvement magazines, and interior dicor catalogs are rich in photography  terrific sources for ideas, inspiration, and examples of colors working together to create a mood.so from that seven inspiring design, which one is suited for you?