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Pokemon Mode, The Fashion Style In This Year

Pokemon Mode, The Fashion Style In This Year

For some people, fashion is an important equipment to demonstrate the existence of ourself in front of others. fashion can represent you, your feeling at that moment, your character, where you go and who you go with. as has been delivered by pharrell william, a musician and one of American fashion designer “Fashion have to reflect who you are, what you feel at the moment and where you go”. so indirectly fashion described as a determinant of the identity of the wearer.

The United States is one of a country that became a fashion trend in the world. Many predictions of fashions that will dominate in 2017. One such is ‘Pokémon’mode that unique but also gives elegance impression.

Like what famous designers Nepali-American said, Prabal Gurung. He said that Pokémon mode will dominate especially in the summer of 2017, especially for women’s clothing. Prabal Gurung who is known as a subscription, a fashion designer for Nicole Kidman and Michelle Obama, believes this model suitable for formal and informal atmospher

He said that the influence of Pokemon fashion in the United States, more intense with their game boys and trading cards. It’s actually like a model of the old school because it was used and become a fashion trend of the 90s. “We like going to remember the old things, like being nostalgic with this model,” said Prabal launched from NYTtimes, Thursday (24/11).

How this pokemon mode look like exactly? Of course when you hear the word of Pokémon, what is on your mind, surely clothing associated with Pokémon movie or pop culture of the country of Japan. That is true. This model is inspired by the five most popular creatures in Pokémon movie like Pikachu, Jigglypuff, Bulbasaur, Squirtle and Charmander.

The fifth name was associated with the five elements soft color, that is yellow, pink, green, blue , and orange. These colors being a fashion combination, but there is also a motif with a unique shape, which is prominent in all or part of an outfit.

Pokémon mode of the five elements was put into each garment fabric. Such Jigglypuff sweater that dominant with soft pink color with black tassels with fur.

The rainbow hues of Pikachu mode really fascinating and being contention in New York and surrounding areas. In dress, forecast 2017 consists of several models (not color) of pokemon characteristic. Tops mode Pokémon pink or beige with Sabrina dress model, a best solution

Prabal Gunung collection will be the favorite of young clients who still put a high sense. Fashion Predictions about color that will trend is pastel colors including white, beige and pale yellow.

Fashion trend in 2017 will show a more confident with patterned color combinations. the fashion world will be busy with a variety of the latest innovations to be ready to compete against the world of fashion colors. as changes occur, then every year always appear fashion fad with its own style. And every year we will enjoy the different of fashion style.