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Martens Boots, The Most Comfortable Steel Toe Shoes

martens steel toe

martens steel toe

The Dr. Marten steel toe is designed in numerous boots and shoes in their Industrial line, providing the wearer with added protection and the opportunity to express some style. The steel-toed choices are many with some constructed using full-grain leather, a padded ankle collar, double stitching and a safety steel toe cap.

Some of the other safety features offered with a Dr Marten steel toe are heat resistance up to 300C for 60 seconds, air cushioned sole for additional shock absorbing properties, a puncture resistant midsole plate and a slip resistant sole. The safety features are plenty, the style selection is many and a tough construction is a sure thing with Dr. Martens.

Most Comfortable Steel Toe Shoes

If you’re a hard working man who has found himself working in the industrial business, you may find yourself from time to time having to replace your old worn out working boots. Dr Martens steel toe boots are the wise choice for any hard working man who has found himself in this situation.

Have you been looking locally for your new Dr Marten steel toe boots, but have not had any luck? Steel-Toe-Boots.com is an online directory service providing people with the choice of searching through hundreds of different styles and designs of Dr Marten steel toe boots, and providing you with an easy to use interface so you can blaze through their online inventory and help assist you in making the right decision when purchasing your next pair of boots.

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