Givenchy inspired by Game of Thrones?

I stumbled upon this gem on the Interweb last night, courtesy of a seemingly like-minded blogger, Miss Moss.

It would appear that Mr Ricardo Tisci, he of the opulent puma prints and baroque detailing, was more than a little bit inspired by Sky Atlantic’s fantasy import, Game of Thrones, when sketching Givenchy’s autumn/winter 2012 couture collection.

Now, I’d like to point out here that not even the most seasoned of fashion commentators has pointed out this startling similarity yet, and team Givenchy have kept decidedly mum on this CLEARLY obvious influence. But I’m going to plough on with it anyway.

Now, not sure if I need to spell this out to you or not, but Game of Thrones is kind of about this big war, and knights, and kings, and you know, that kind of medieval-themed stuff… so the parallels I’m about to draw here are pretty damning.

The collection had a rich, medieval feel. From the mosaic-like beading which looked like armour, to leather latticework and fringing, thick capes with hoods and tapestry-like colours, this was clearly clobber from times long gone.

There was a tunic in Lannister red and gold adorned with a mosaic of jewels, fit for King Joffrey.

Accessorize with a direwolf, just like Ned Stark

A black leather lattice-work cape with fringing for Eddard Stark and an embroidered black and red cape worthy of Jaqen H’Ghar. Daenerys Targaryen (the Queen across the Narrow Sea) was the only female who had clearly been an influence, with her Qartheon fashions seen in a floor-length cappuccino coloured gown.

Badass maiden chic inspired by Daenerys Targaryen, Mother of Dragons

Ladies and Gentleman of the jury, there was even a direwolf.*

I’m pretty gutted there was nothing inspired by Cersei or Margaery (she of the boob-flashing dresses – on TV anyway) but hey, there’s always spring/summer 2013, right?

So has George R. R. Martin’s sprawling tale of political intrigue, incest and dragons finally crossed over into the mainstream? And am I allowed to freely admit that I’ve watched both series twice and am on the fourth book now? And did this make anybody else’s day, apart from mine?

*Big dog.

Pictures from missmoss.co.za