Friction Stick Block Is Deodorant for Your Gross Summer Feet

If you`re like me then perhaps there is a lack of open-toed shoes in your life. Maybe you have an aversion to toes, maybe the thought of your whole foot exposed to the dirt and grime of a city like New York makes you shudder or maybe everytime you try to buy a cute summer sandal, you end up buying a black leather oxford instead.

Whatever the case, when summer comes along you begin dreading the sweat party that forms in your shoes and all the awesome blisters that hot leather sticking against skin brings. This is the part where the Friction Block Stick will become your best friend.

It`s kinda like a deodorant, in that it`s a white bar that you rub on a part of your body, but while it doesn`t come with a Baby Fresh or Morning Mist scent, it does make your feet not gross when you`re stomping around concrete in the blistering sun.

True, if you`re spending a long time outdoors you might need to reapply but it makes such a huge difference in your comfort level that you shouldn`t let that deter you. Available at most drugstores for around $7.