Espadrilles: A Great Big Endorsement

I have a problem and it`s called espadrilles. Just the word sounds like candy, or something I can`t have just one of.

Which is exactly why on a recent vacation I bought not one, not two, but eight pairs of espadrilles. Why stop at one shade of beige when you can have three? And navy is my new black, so I`ll take two of those please. And striped espadrilles? Are you kidding me? That`s combining two of my most favorite things on this earth.

And then I brought them home to meet my black and green and other navy and ivory pairs. Espadrilles aren`t just the shoes of this summer, they are the shoes of all summers, ever, period, the end. In my personal opinion (because the previous statement I just made was mere fact), flip-flops are a tad too casual for New York, and, god, don`t even get me started on the hygiene issues they raise. Why wear shoes at all if you`re just going to go expose your feet to the filthy sidewalks? Espadrilles are so modest, keeping your toes protected and tucked away while still allowing your feet to breathe on hot summer days.

If you`re not on vacation, I recommend Toms.

Buy them. Wear them. Love them.