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7 clothes shopping tips to become a super shopper

women clothes shopping

women clothes shopping

Dress for success
If you’re planning a day of shopping, ensure that you are wearing comfortable shoes and clothing. If you are planning on shoe shopping, don’t wear closed shoes as it will be more difficult for you to try on other shoes.

Narrow it down
This rule does not apply if you are shopping for fun. However, if you are looking for something specific, don’t go around the store looking at every other item.

Don’t let temptation get the better of you
Stores and merchandisers are experts at tempting you into buying something you absolutely don’t need. Don’t let this happen, and stick to buying what you’ve intended initially.

Try the whole thing on
If you are looking to team a snazzy new top with a pair of black pants or jeans, instead of just trying on the top (in your baggy pants), rather take the top, a pair of black pants and jeans into the change room and get a better idea of the full picture.

Beware the bargain bin
The bargain bin is another trick that merchandisers have created to help get rid of their unwanted stock. They often mark these items down so cheaply that you just can’t resist. And, while we love a good bargain, don’t buy it just for the sake of buying it.

Be sure
If you’re having any doubts, take a walk around the shopping center and give yourself time to think about it. If you really want the item, go back and buy it.

Play it safe
If the store does not offer a refund policy or does not accept returns, take another look at your purchase and be 110% sure.

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  1. I agree with you about this..when you are going to shop, make sure that you are comfortable with your outfit…sometimes shopping time, takes a lot of time, so it is better if you are wearing dress that would make you feel comfortable for a stand of time..

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