Top 5 Selling Colors For Chuck Taylors

chuck taylors

chuck taylors

Did you know that Blue Chuck Taylor shoes are available in three separate shades and in numerous styles and sizes?

If you’ve had your “ear to the Chuck Taylor ground” you will likely already know that the once-simple collection has expanded into literally hundreds of different colors, prints and are now also available in various styles.

  • Navy Blue Chuck Taylor – The darkest of the three blue shades available, the Navy’s come in Hi Tops, Lo Tops (Called “Ox”) and Slip-On styles.
  • Royal Blue Chuck Taylor – This may just be the most popular blue of the three shades and is available in Hi Top and Lo Top styles for men, women, kids, toddlers and infants.
  • Carolina (or “Baby”) Blue Chuck Taylor – Like the Royal Blue shade, these come in Hi Top and Lo Top (“Ox”) styles, but are available in men’s and women’s sizes only.

All of the Converse Chuck Taylor classic shoes are built with a canvas upper as well as a vulcanized rubber sole for flexibility and traction.

Shopping and Pricing Information: Blue Chuck Taylor All Star shoes retail for around $40-$45 (less for children’s sizes), but they can be found online for quite a bit less.

Top 5 Selling Colors, Available Styles

When searching out a great pair of “Chucks” it’s good to know which Chuck Taylor colors and styles are available before buying.  Other than these two color selections, here is a list of the top 5 selling colors in Chuck Taylor shoes, with styles available for each color:

Green – Green Chuck Taylor shoes can be found in hi tops, lo tops (“Ox”), and are also quite commonly available in the “Double Upper” style, combined with another color for contrast.

Blue – The Royal Blue Chuck Taylor shoes are only available in standard hi and lo, and come in all sizes.

Red – This is a fun sort of “fire engine” shade of red, and are available in hi tops, lo tops and sometimes are available in the “Double Upper” style, with a fun bandanna print.  The Red Chuck Taylors are available in all sizes for men, women and kids.

Pink – Yes ma’am!  This is an extremely fun look – the Pink Chucks are a sort of “cotton candy” pink and look great with almost anything on the very casual side.

Purple – The Purple Chuck Taylor shoes can be found in hi and lo styles, for men and women.

No matter which color you decide on, Chuck Taylor Colors are fun to wear – they’ve always been in style and today are more in fashion than they’ve ever been.

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