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  • Pokemon Mode, The Fashion Style In This Year

    Pokemon Mode, The Fashion Style In This Year

    For some people, fashion is an important equipment to demonstrate the existence of ourself in front of others. fashion can represent you, your feeling at that moment, your character, where you go and who you go with. as has been delivered by pharrell william, a musician and one of American fashion designer “Fashion have to […]

  • Avoiding Fashion Trends Can Save Your Pocket

    Avoiding Fashion Trends Can Save Your Pocket

    Money in the bank never goes out of style. Earlier this year, I spent $400 on dresses from a womenswear company called Soma. The magnitude of this purchase hit my husband hard. “You spent how much? And on what?” He could hardly believe it when I told him that, yes, I spent $400 on six […]

  • cool school bags for teenagers

    Cool School Bags For Teenagers

    Searching for school bags for teenagers can be quite hard as many designs are overshadowed by the vast range of kids school bags in today’s industry. We at Blue Banana know how frustrating it can be for parents to get all of their children’s essentials before the start of a new school year, which is […]

  • hobo bags for teens

    Handbag Fashions: The Hobo Bags

    Hobo bags are a style of over sized handbags. Hobo bags have long straps, worn over the shoulder. They are made of the soft and flexible materials, such as anodyne leather, and that makes them appear slouchy. They are available in many colors, styles and designs, without leaving their characteristic as large handbag. You can […]

  • 2nd hand gucci bags

    Be Aware Oh The Imitation Of 2nd Hand Gucci Bags

    Who between you don’t know 2nd hand gucci bags? Well, Gucci is well-known as the items of the world-renowned designer, Gucci. Everyone knows, that women always interesting on it. On my previous article, I’ve said that women always try to get the handbags from the well-known designer. That’s why need more awareness to get the […]

  • gucci sling bags

    Gucci Sling Bags: Give You the Elegance Performa

    Try to look around. You will find that everywoman has own celebrity as her fashion inspiration. Gucci Sling Bags was made after the famous actress, Brigitte Bardot. So, actually, gucci sling bags took Brigitte’s surname as the icon. Brigitte was very famous in the 60s. She has exotic blonde look. As well as the women, […]

  • second hand chloe bags

    Second Hand Chloe Bags: Cheap Way to Be Beautiful

    Woman is identical with the accessories. Can’t be denied that everywoman always want to look more beautiful. They never stop of retouching theirs to present their best performance. That’s why women usually like to collect everything which is the top designer’s. They usually try to get it without care about the prices. But, as we […]

  • singapore branded bags

    SINGAPORE SHOPPING: It’s Time For Branded Bags

    Maybe, a statement bag is one of the most unique souvenirs can bring back home from Singapore. Statement bag is one of those luxury bags you‘ve always eyed from afar. You may buy this bag tags-free at Terminal 2 or 3 at Changi Airport. To pick up your coveted bag, you may wander into the […]

  • thrifting shopping

    What is THRIFTING ? Why thrifting is so important ?

    Thrifting is so important. Stop of thinking that thrifting is as simple as it sounds.  Thrifting is so important cause if you don’t consider what you’re doing, you will find so many slutters in your daily lives, moreover if you are a fashionista. You are going to end up with closets full of clutter. I […]

  • leather handbag extravagance

    A leather handbag, the best answer for your needs

    Everybody knows that the financial today is usually uncertainty. But let see the fact. The leather handbags business is still alive. Planning on acquiring leather handbag could be regarded as an indulgence. The leather handbag may be a potential business. Whether it is paying for handbags or retirement living funds, have to be considered the […]