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  • At Chanel, Everything And Le Kitchen Sink

    As grand master of possibly one of the most important labels in fashion, Karl Lagerfeld likes to stage elaborate fantasies inspired by exotic locales for his Chanel Resort collections. Resort, by the way, is a collection that fits between fall and spring. It was born out of the lack of appropriate summer clothes for all […]

  • Trend Alert! Disembodied Man Arms Sexiest Accessory for Spring

    Kate Moss` 5 arms vs Bambi Northwood-Blythe`s 1 arm. It is officially not enough to dress in a provocative manner, unless you have some dude`s arm(s) hanging off of you. You can pair the graceful man arm covering your bits with jeans and tighty-whities like this June/July Australian Harper`s Bazaar cover. Or, for a more […]

  • The Newest IT Model Is Not New At All (And That`s A Great Thing)

    It must be a sign that times are a-changing` that the current model gracing the covers of all the influential fashion magazines is not a wide-eyed pre-pubescent Eastern European girl but rather a kickass 40-something woman with waist-long white hair. Kristen McMenamy`s career has been going strong for almost 20 years. In the 90s she […]

  • Ask Laia: What Do I Wear To A Conservative Wedding?

    I am attending an Orthodox Jewish wedding in June, and according to religious custom, the couple have requested that guests dress “modestly” — specifically, no bare shoulders or knees. I am having a lot of difficulty with this — I`ve looked a tons of longer dresses, but they all are either sleeveless, or too “sexy” […]

  • Finally! An Accessory You Have to Water

    “Eco-chic” has become the favorite buzzword amongst the lady lifestyle outlets of today. Everyone`s wearing their organic cotton or trying to legalize hemp, but nothing will make you the top eco-warrior quite like wearing a plant around your neck. The Air Plant necklace by Anntian only needs a daily misting to survive and that seems […]

  • Stuff You Actually Need: A Trenchcoat

    Wearing a (borrowed) Burberry trench over my own Gap one. You should probably have a trenchcoat in your closet. They are the unsung heroes of the outerwear world, and make your life easier on rainy days. You should love anything that makes your life easier. I admit that sometimes I forget I actually own a […]

  • Friction Stick Block Is Deodorant for Your Gross Summer Feet

    If you`re like me then perhaps there is a lack of open-toed shoes in your life. Maybe you have an aversion to toes, maybe the thought of your whole foot exposed to the dirt and grime of a city like New York makes you shudder or maybe everytime you try to buy a cute summer […]