At Chanel, Everything And Le Kitchen Sink

As grand master of possibly one of the most important labels in fashion, Karl Lagerfeld likes to stage elaborate fantasies inspired by exotic locales for his Chanel Resort collections. Resort, by the way, is a collection that fits between fall and spring. It was born out of the lack of appropriate summer clothes for all the people who flee to tropical environments once the freezing winter temps hit. Of course now we live in a “seasonless” society and we just want an excuse to have nice new clothes at all times. With everyone who`s anyone enjoying the warm sands of Antibes, Lagerfeld sent out his vision that included, well, everything. In the ambitious 73 looks there was something for everyone (and some things that should be for no one). But when you`re drinking champagne and eating macarons at the French Riviera who really cares about the dubious stuff? (Just the blogger that sees the collection on the computer the next day while eating a meatloaf sandwich.)

A jaunty little cream sweater-and-shorts set that would make even Daisy Buchanan weak at the knees. Who wants pearls when you can have diamonds? The black sandals are really harshing my mellow, though.

But Lagerfeld didn`t forget about those who seek comfort above everything else, with a crewneck long-sleeve sweater and pajama pants. The flip flop-looking sandals are the perfect lazy vibe to add to the boring-est look that ever went down a runway.

But sometimes boring is better than … well, than whatever this is. The Dick van Dyke hat is bad enough, but the relaxed pant situation down below. Or is it drawstring pants worn over jeans? Either way, my advice is you RUN AWAY.And yet a part of me is really into the goth businessman pirate shirt that`s happening here. Maybe worn tucked into jeans it would have a bit of potential? But a part of me also likes eating bread slices with Cheez Whiz, so make of that what you will.

And then there were the beautiful dresses that made me wish I had more any black-tie affairs to attend. To the left, a sinous semi-sheer abstract floral gown with an edge provided by the vaguely superhero-ish bejeweled capsleeves. To the right, a cream gown with matching trim — I`m a sucker for most things lace. Especially when it has pockets! The thong sandal boots are a real problem. A very real, very scary problem.

If I pretend that the sheer beaded layer isn`t part of the sassy cropped top and matching pencil skirt on the left, I kinda like it. I`m going to do just that, and while I`m imagining that, I`m gonna go ahead and pretend that the sandals aren`t black. For such a small detail, they`re really driving me crazy.

To the right, a lovely ivory-and-black dress that should not be worn over velvet palazzo pants. But what a lovely dress it is.

What more could I want? (Maybe just a little less.)