Ask Laia: Can I Get Away With Harem Pants?

I am extremely tiny — short and petite — and I want to try wearing those saggy butt harem trouser things. Is that a bad idea?- Liz

Not at all! Harem pants and drop-crotch trousers can seem scary, but once you find the right level of slouch for you, it`s smooth sailing to comfort. I think ones that are a little loose around the leg and have a crotch that doesn`t drop past your lower thighs are the easiest ones to wear and won`t swallow your lower body in saggy fabric.

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My trick to wearing harem pants is to think of them as regular pants and pair them with everyday pieces that are a bit more streamlined, like a soft t-shirt and a blazer or a fitted sweater. Think of it as mullet dressing — you might be having a total party with excess fabric down below, but up top, it`s business as usual.