Variance Among Ankle Boots with Ankle Booties

ankle boot

ankle boot

Whether you’re keen on them or hate them, ankle boots and ankle booties appear to be a trend that’s sticking around, at the least because of this year. Once a fashion outlier, the ankle boot and ankle bootie have worked their way into mainstream fashion over the past couple of years. Once an odd looking runway trend, they’ve become a staple shoe of celebrities as well as at stores like Target and Payless.

This year we’ll see boots hit new highs and lows. They’re migrating further and further up the calf, but they’re also getting lower and lower on the calf and ankle. Now that they are just grazing the superior of the foot, the designers are even getting more creative and starting to add different textures, cut outs and peep toes. It’s a bit of a difficult trend to accomplish, but if you understand how to wear them, they’ll compliment your figure and wardrobe. And yes, ankle boots and ankle booties are two different styles. The terms appear to generally be used interchangeably, but in the fashion world they’re clearly two separate trends.

Ankle boots could stop anywhere from 1 inch up from your ankle to 4 inches. Once they’re going past four inches they would be getting into the mid calf boot category. As with most shoes, black is certainly the most popular color in ankle boots.

Booties are mare like a half boot, half shoe look. They stop either at the superior of your foot or just at your ankle. Booties could even have a peep toe or cut out sections where the ankle boot is usually solid throughout. You’re likely to find more colors in booties than the simple black ankle boot. Right now rich suede colors are popular.

Here’s a few ideas for how to wear both of these styles:

  1. Mini Skirt, Black Tights or Leggings & An Over Sized Loose Top
  2. Short Dress & Tights
  3. Skinny Jeans & Loose Fitting Shirt or Tank
  4. Short Dress, Blouse & Cropped Blazer
  5. Long Dress (think hippie or bohemian style), Long Necklaces & Suede Bootie

Avoid wearing a longer skirt or cropped pants with them since both will make your legs look shorter. If you have short legs, always wear the same color (usually black) tights or leggings since the shoe. It will extend the design of your legs. This can be a tough look to pull off, so spend some time taking a look at celeb photos and see what looks good and what doesn’t prior to try it yourself.

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